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Print text from 9 to 54mm high with standard or uploaded fonts

GRAPHICS and symbols

Print logos and symbols up to 54mm high x any width


Print date and time codes in real time including offset date and time


Automatically print serial numbers incuding linked counters

MULTIPLE interfaces

The EBS-260 includes touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB interfaces


Technical supoort provided by factory-trained engineers

Industrial. Professional. Reliable

Permanent, durable printing onto virtrually any surface. No more stencils, marker pens, paint pens, hot branding irons, pad printers... just professional, legible and permanent marking

EBS-260 Handjet Printer Gun

UK Certified EBS® Distributor

Martek Industries distributes all EBS® handheld and inline inkjet printers in the UK offering new systems and consumables from stock for immediate delivery. All products are backed up by factory-trained engineers providing technical advice and support. Sample printing and on-site demonstrations can be arranged.

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EBS-260 Handjet Fully portable handheld inkjet printer

Professional, portable industrial marking

The EBS-250 and EBS-260 Handjet® printers provide a reliable and professional alternative to traditional marking methods including stencils, marker pens, paint pens and pad printers. Text, including date, time, offset date and sequential numbers can be printed in any TrueType font. Logos and symbols can be easily uploaded and printed and, depending on the surface, barcodes and 2D codes can also be printed. Martek has developed a range of accessories to protect Handjet printers in harsh industrial environments and to enable printing on awkward shaped products such as pipes and narrow beams.

EBS Handjet® Industrial Handheld Inkjet Printers